Creating Street Appeal

A house built with all the luxuries and amenities in the world still wouldn’t be much of a house if the setting wasn’t right. Too often the whole building budget is allocated to the internal finishes of a new home.

When it comes to the exterior, the ‘we’ll do it when we have some more money’ is an all too frequent approach. Whilst you struggle to find the money, time and momentum to finish things off, what you’re often left with is a sandy wasteland for a much greater time than expected –  one that becomes the bane of both yours and your neighbour’s existence.
It’s important when planning your new home that you put considerable thought into the exterior of your home as well as the interior and ensure that you allocate sufficient budget to cover it with the completion of the house itself.
The design and planning of the exterior of your home should be considered as important as the internal areas, in fact the front exterior of your home is more on-show than any other part of your home and thus it could be argued that it is the most important aspect of the entire build.
When considering the front exterior of your home, consider items that not only appeal to you but add street appeal:
- Plants –  what you are planting needs proper consideration not just whatever is on special at your local nursery. Rose bushes and flower beds are more suited to traditional cottage style homes than contemporary dwellings. You should also consider plants that suit the environmental conditions of where you are building and their individual need for sunlight or shade.

- Reticulation. Almost a necessity in most areas of Australia, reticulated garden beds, save you the time of watering your garden in dryer months, and the hassle of having to organize a neighbour or friend to do this for you when away.
- Garage Doors – the garage door you choose can make all the difference to the aesthetic appeal of your home, in the long term the cheap option isnt always the best. Timber options should also consider long term wear and tear based on the weather conditions in your area.

- Pathways – whether you choose paving, concrete or another finish planning your pathways is important. You should ensure that each external door of your home has a solid pathway leading to it. Consider paving finishes that are low maintenance and avoid weeds, there’s nothing worse than a paved drive way that constantly needs weeding.

- Lighting - exterior lights not only help you locate the lock in your front door, they can also be used as features to highlight special areas of the garden along with drive ways and paths.

- Fencing and retaining walls. Again a great fence can make all the difference to the re-sale value of your home, it can enhance not only the look of your home but provide security and additional living areas in the front of your home.

- Garden features – such as fountains ponds and garden sculptures can also add aesthetic appeal as an alternative to plants alone. Particularly if you’re going for a low maintenance water wise garden.

- Lawn – roll on lawn provides an instant finished look to your home and is worth the additional cost to relieve you from the ongoing sandy patches of sowing your own seeds.

- Identity – there’s nothing more frustrating than counting from half a street back to determine the number of a house you’re looking for. These days with great numbering options giving your home a clear identity can also become a feature.

Above is certainly not a comprehensive list but covers some of the major considerations in respect of the front exterior of your home. Investing in the exterior of your home might feel like you’re investing in an area that other people enjoy more than you are, afterall you’re generally on the inside looking out not on the outside looking in, but a great street frontage not only enhances the re-sale value of your home but also uplifts the entire neighbourhood and gives your neighbours something to aspire to.

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